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Стихи к-та Каца

Подпоpyчикy Вальсy, отбывающемy на 100 дней на слyжбy в войска

	Итак, отбыл наш подпоpyчик,
	В теченье целой сотни дней
	Hе бyдет слышать он летyчек
	Гyсаpской бpатии своей.

	Однако, Вальс, не yнывайте,
	Аpабам моpды набивайте,
	За воpот чаще заливайте,
	И на пyстыню отливайте.

	Когда ж сказав оpевyаpы,
	Покpытый славой боевой,
	Веpнетесь вы к себе домой,
	Пpочтем мы ваши мемyаpы.

Клyбy с Hовым Годом-1996
	Дpyзья мои, yж год yходит,
	Собpались pядом все мы тyт;
	Последний час нас за нос водит,
	Вот, еще несколько минyт,

	И совпадyт на цифеpблате
	Две стpелки на больших часах,
	И запоют, как пpи набате,
	Далекие колокола.

	Hазад давайте повеpнемся,
	И вспомним этот пpошлый год,
	Обpадyемся, или yжаснемся,
	А, впpочем, стоит ли хлопот,

	Чтобы печалиться о том, что
	Канyло в летy навсегда,
	И если год ваш был тяжелым -
	Пpидyт веселые года.

	И в этот славный добpый вечеp,
	Когда нам всем есть что сказать,
	Так pад я нашей с вами встpече,
	И всем хочy я пожелать,

	Дpyзья мои, счастливы бyдьте,
	В любой момент любого дня,
	Hо все ж, пpи этом не забyдьте
	Вы недостойного меня.

Пеpеводы корнета Каца

	On seabow is an oak standing,
	With golden chain going through its crown.
	And day and night a scholar cat there
	Is walking on the chain around.
	While going left he sings of legends,
	While going right he's telling tales,
	There miracles and wonders happen,
	A wood ghost walks, a mermaid from the branches waves,
	There on the trails where man hasn't stepped yet
	Unknown beasts have left their tracks,
	And weird hut on a pair of hen legs
	Without doors and windows stands.
	The sights your eye there reaches,
	The waves of sea that strike the beaches,
	On sunrise at the moment when,
	There thirty great gorgeous knights
	Come out of sea in their mights,
	And their master is with them.
	There proud king is being defeated
	By a young prince was passing by,
	There to the eyes of stunned people,
	Above the forest and the sky,
	A wizard and a hero fly.
	A princess sits there in a prison,
	A brown wolf being her assistant,
	There bucket with an old old witch
	Goes by itself without a switch.
	There kosh the king on gold is wilted,
	This is the Rus', that's Russian spirit!
	And I was there and honey drank,
	And saw the oak and the shores,
	And sat by it, and scholar cat,
	Was telling me his grandeur stories,
	And I remember on of those,
	And I will tell it to the Earth.

Пеpеводы песен Михаила Щеpбакова


	What keeps you, honey, quiet now,
	Oh, what makes you sad my dearie,
	Half a word please speak out,
	And I will listen very carefully,
	And words you say are just so clean,
	So plain, so magnificent,
	So great or so dreadful,
	But they just pass our head by..
	So great or so dreadful,
	But they just pass our head by..

	Words are for you sunset, sunrise,
	Sly are they and most reproachful,
	Ponsthumous to us they're prize,
	But also whole-life torture,
	But can you be without them,
	Not smothered, not squeezed,
	Oh, once again wrong sentence,
	Wrong sentence, wrong sentence,
	Oh, once again wrong sentence,
	Wrong sentence, wrong sentence..

	About anything you try to ask,
	Try to request for something,
	Du jour 'Thanks' you can hear from mask,
	And then reserved "You welcome",
	But still your lashes feel wetter,
	And in your heart is nothing but a swelter,
	No mutter, whisper, scream or cry,
	Dearie, do you know what is better?
	No mutter, whisper, scream or cry,
	Dearie, do you know what is better?

	Don't say the chats of everyday
	Have filled you up my fellow,
	Actors is the world everywhere,
	And just beholders we are there,
	And someone behind the stage
	Had sang the words I tremble with,
	I love you, my maiden mage,
	Love you, my only precious..
	I love you, my maiden mage,
	Love you, my only precious..

Lullaby (Колыбельная)

	Dreams Habana, dream Athens,
	Dream flowers of the dales,
	In the Black sea dream dolphines,
	In the White sea dream whales.
	And a beaten poor street dog
	Went to sleep beneath a fence,
	And he dreams then of Zodiac stars,
	That are sweet for him to taste.

		Footlights fade, footlights fade,
		Fades a lamp above the gate,
		Night has come for day is waning,
		All is waning, all shall fade.

		Way not long one, and not short one,
		Whistle of spanking, smell of vodka,
		So short staying for a night,
		Creaking pines of timber wood,
		Sobbing of the lyllabies too,
		Shores far and ages past.

	Anf a hot fog is there hanging,
	On the yellow blind street lamps,
	And a pilgrim is there telling
	Of the distant isles and camps,
	Of the smugglers that are lucky,
	Of the taste of chinese tea,
	Of a docker fool but bulky,
	And a bit about me..

		And that someone wonders there,
		Seeks for happiness in vain,
		And that all is always waning,
		All is waning all shall fade,
		Age has passed, it's all the same here,
		Night has passed, a man has passed,
		Passed but started limping then,
		Quiet's the pilgrim, dog is gone.
		Only night and Zodiac,
		And a curtain of the rain.

	And that all is always waning,
	All is waning all shall fade.......
Isles (Острова)

	Oh son... There's no isles on Earth,
	Please cool down, don't waste time,
	Sailors nothing but all lie,
	You can't ask from a sailor much...

	Trust me, no one in all my household
	Never met any isle of these,
	I have questioned all of them,
	I have tried to search myself...

	Seven days, seven days ships of mine sailed,
	Seven wonderful seamaps,
	I had then on my desk,
	I wasn't closing an eye at night...

	All in vain, how much I have looked ahead,
	Horizon always was clean,
	And the ocean all the same,
	I returned then back, son...

	God knows... Who has told sailors to lie,
	Maybe just in their each lie,
	Hidden sense is concealed,
	But they say only rubbish...

	Oh, son... Isles're not but a far sound,
	Ships are nonsense, just whim,
	For they don't have a point to sail,
	Geography is delirium...

	Mount chain makes a circle around us,
	Lone is our continent,
	Isles are happiness, so, son,
	No isles are on the Earth...

	Seven days, lasts the way or seven years,
	It'll return to the start point,
	Or it'll jump to the teeth that,
	World is standing itself...

	Go to ocean only when you have learned these words of mine,
	Wait when you're mature and sober and then go to it,
	So you won't then get blind when you see seven isles,
	Legend isles of gold, sailors say there're seven of them.....

"Allright oh yeah" (Все в порядке, да)

	I'm used to do myself what I have wanted to,
	Wherever go or run, without looking back,
	But I told to myself, that I'm in love with you,
	And made myself believe, that all is right oh yeah.

	I told it to myself, and also to get rid,
	Of all the wrongnesses, misunderstandings, yeah,
	At once I called you, and talked about it,
	And showed then to you, that all is right oh yeah.

	That I need you to live, that day is dark for me,
	Without you no lamp can bring light back to me,
	That I have gone insane, that I am like in jail,
	That my inside is burnt, that all is right oh yeah.

	I persuaded myself, I waited answer "No.."
	And squeezed phone in hand, like fever in me was,
	I waited you to say me then "No, bye" that's all,
	Expected you say "Nope" and all is right oh yeah.

	But you said "Yes" to me, and I was burnt to ashes,
	For too much fire inside, in battle with myself,
	But you said "Yes" to me, lightly as you bat your lashes,
	And made me doubt then, that all is right oh yeah.

Cherry Jam (Вишневое варенье)

Now in the harbor there's crowd cheering and everyone is singing,
From far away a ship arrived and all the town expected her.
On every face there's a delight, and every face is gaping, blinking,
Salute roars, ladder's set, the sailors come down to the cost.
The shining glory's blinding them and noise of drums as well is deafening,
Each one has story in his head prepared for shocking everyone,
About risking their lives, about keeping honor ever,
And how they passed through everything, and know life better than anyone.

Hey listen, I can't suffer more, I will just run and take a look there,
I will not be away too long, but I will see the festival,
For how long I stay with you for night and day like on a hook here,
I stay, adore, adore you, adore you and nothing more.
For we are two steps from the sea, and I can hear crowd cheering,
I can distinguish rocking waves, I listen to the fire of guns,
And you are laughing at me, you're eating simple jam of cherries,
And not believing me at all, and I just don't believe myself.

So years pass, and all around there is acrowd and rejoicing,
Age after age melts in the whirlpool of this buzz.
But you're busy all the time, you eat simple jam of cherries,
And no one ever in the world can eat it as beautiful as you.
The curve of the queenly arm is always new and always unique,
And in the spoon a berry shines within the reach of your lips,
No blood, no tears.. and no wine....it's cherry juice in that spoon only,
But I can't leave you anywhere and anyhow and anywhen!

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